Art Lessons


For both kids and adults!

Private with Nathalie ($55/hour/student)

Private with Hanh ($75/hour/student)

About Nathalie

Hanh Gallery is proud to introduce Nathalie Hamaker as the lead teacher for our art program!  Hailing from El Salvador and making her way to Houston via Brazil, The Netherlands, New Zealand, Mexico, Honduras and Canada, she finally settled in Houston about 10 years ago.  Nathalie’s travels allow her to bring a worldly perspective into her art and ability to work with kids.  As the daughter of a expat, she learned to observe before diving into new situations; this experience allows her to relate to kids that may be hesitant learning new skills and exploring new talents.  As part of the team here at Hanh Gallery, Nathalie has been able to fully immerse herself in the world of art and grow as an artist while developing the art program.  She is hoping to impart to the next generation of artists what took her 45 years to learn….everyone can be creative!

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