Hanh Gallery

Art Rentals

Do you have a space you'd like to keep refreshed with new art on a regular basis?

Hanh Gallery offers art rentals on any of our works. We can provide unique centerpieces for an event, quarterly art rentals for corporate setting and homes, or short term rentals for staging.


  • Art rentals are individually priced based on the size of the artwork.
  • Larger pieces require professional moving and installation.The fee for the install and removal will be billed to the renter and is based on the size of the artwork and time required for install and removal (minimum fee of $125 as billed by the third-party installer).
  • Rental fee entitles the renter to use of the artwork for up to one month.The rental fee is not pro-rated for shorter lengths of time, such as use for a specific event.

Long-term rentals

  • Long-term rentals (more than three months) will be billed quarterly.
  • Renters on long term agreements have the option to have the artwork exchanged quarterly.
  • Installation and removal fees will be waived for rental agreements one year or longer.

Terms of Use

  • In the event that a third party expresses interest in purchasing artwork under contract for rent, the Renter has first right of refusal to purchase.In the event that the Renter declines to purchase the artwork, no offer of agreement to extend the rental will be given the Renter and the artwork will be sold to the third party directly from the Artist at the end of the rental agreement.​
  • Rental of artwork does not entitle the Renter to any form of compensation in the event the rental artwork is sold.No rented artwork will be sold until the rental agreement is completed, OR the Renter agrees to relinquish the rented artwork and have it replaced with another comparably sized piece for the fulfillment of the rental agreement period at no cost to the Renter.​
  • The Renter shall be responsible for the safekeeping of all rented works.​
  • The Renter shall be strictly liable for loss of or damage to any rented artwork from the date of delivery until the work is returned to the Artist or delivered to a Purchaser.​
  • In the event of damage that cannot be restored, the Artist shall receive the full retail price of the artwork, less rental fees paid to for up to one year (not including installation fees). ​
  • All artwork is copyrighted by the Artist; no reproductions of the artwork are permitted for any purpose whatsoever.