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About Hanh Tran

Houstonian Hanh Tran's work with oil on canvas is based on self-study of the human form, nature, culture and emotion. Heavy, sweeping, broad strokes of thick oil paint create a three-dimensional effect that is the trademark of Hanh's collections and commissioned works.  It is through her connection with nature and people that Hanh finds comfort through artistic expression. "Art provides respite and renewal for most people,” says Hanh. “Painting, creating and sharing provide quiet comfort and establish a meaningful sense of community."


"Fuck Off" Bracelets


Mini Heart Canvases

IMG_2872 (1).JPG

Custom Fashion

Yellow Rose Blue 15x17 ($890 - sold)
Bamboo Purple 20x15 ($1125)
IMG_1287 (2)
Black and White Abstract II 60x48 ($1080
Blue Flower 11x10 ($300 - sold)
Cherry Blossom 1 - 9x7 ($150 - sold)
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